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Eleonora Stella Hariyono Oei is an Indonesian film-maker, artist, and storyteller. Known as Stella, her work explores topics such as human emotions, empathy, and the environment, all of which can be seen in her films “Side Effects” and “The Drop Project”. She also strives to raise awareness on social issues through her comics.


Stella’s art is known to resonate with people from all over the world. Her experience living in different countries has helped her develop a unique voice that is both highly specific and universal at the same time.


Stella studies at California Institute of the Arts and attended Gobelins. She is expected to graduate from CalArts this upcoming Spring ’21 and is currently working on her thesis film: a mini series about The Girl and The Heart as they explore their emotions and vulnerability through animation.


She hopes to offer a new lens of storytelling in the animation world and help make animation more inclusive and accessible world wide! 

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